Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy 2006!

It's a New Year, and some new show files are up on the RFNY site, including a New Year's gem from WGUT-AM (12-31-82)!

RFNY Audio Archives page


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Joyous Yuletide Salutations

Yes...a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (as well as an eventful Festivus) to one and all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Movies Really ARE Worth $15.00

OK, so we all know that Hollywood had a pretty suck-ass year in 2005, and many people have blamed the drop of box-office dollars on thier inability to connect to the average person.

Hollywood apparently has noticed this and is ready to recover in 2006. Iowahawk has the scoop...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Joyous giblets and gravy to one and all. Hope your holiday is a warm and festive one.

It's traditional Light Blogging Time (a.k.a., Winter) and I'm just busy, busy, busy...but I'll check in when I can.

Stay warm,

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Unlucky 13th (Hurricane)

News Item: Hurricane Beta becomes the season's 13th Hurricane

But there IS good news: it has a much clearer picture than Hurricane VHS.

Monday, October 10, 2005

See Ya Next Year

Well, that's it for this year...the overly-obnoxious Anaheim Angels of Hollywood defeated the Yankees tonight, eliminating them in five.

Can't say as I'm too least the Red Sox aren't going anywhere, either.

As they say in baseball...there's always next year, right?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yankees Clinch the AL East

Through some combination of smoke and mirrors, the Yankees managed to clinch the A.L. East against the Red Sawx today (even if the Yankees lose tomorrow and the teams finish with the same W-L record, the Yankees have won the season series). Randy Johnson had an off-day, but the Yanks manage to finally outslug thier nemesis, Tim Wakefield today and pull out a 8-4 win. Big HRs from Sheff, A-rod & Matsui.

With the pitching staff held together with bailing wire and Scotch Tape, I don't think the Yanks are going to go very far in the post-season...but we shall see.

BTW - new shows have just been posted on the RFNY Audio Archives page...go enjoy!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An Ugly Feeding Frenzy

Well, here we are 16 days after the devistation of Hurricane Katrina and there are signs of hope emerging from the sorrow and dispair of a week ago.

That's the good news: the bad news is the unchecked Bush Bashing continues to spiral out of control. Very little being done about the astounding lapses BEFORE the hurricane hit - very much being done about the 24 hours afterwards, most of it factually suspect, at best.

There's one thing about this President that has astounded me again and again, and that is the way he comes under attack for EVERYTHING. It's like watching a National Geographic special on the Discovery Channel about wild animals and the feeding frenzy. First the predators, the lions and the tigers, what have you, attack the antelope. The preadtors tear at the flesh, violently ripping the carcass to pieces, thier faces covered in blood.

After the predators are full, the vultures swoop in and gnaw at what flesh the predators have left behind. They fall over themselves to get at whatever remains. Then, when the vultures are done, the maggots and other vermin move in and reduce the carcass to dust.

What we have in the wake of the Katrina disaster is a feeding frenzy. The Democrats are acting as the predators, ripping the President apart for not acting fast enough (I guess rather than formulate a game plan once the damage became apparent, he should have just send in about 50 volunteers with mops on Tuesday morning). The press immediately swooped in like the willing partners / vultures that they are, and have contnued a relentless attack (while almost totally ignoring the REAL issue - the failures at state and local levels to evacuate properly BEFOREHAND) that has been so over-the-top that it has bordered on ridiculous. Then you have the maggots and vermin (the opprotunists and activists) chiming in with the usual race-baiting and class-warfare.

When you see hundreds of school buses sitting under water in New Orleans on the morning after the hurricane hits, and you hear the mayor acting like a petulant five-year-old who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar ("Don't blame ME! It was Bush's fault we didn't have any plan for getting people OUT of the Superdome!"), you know where the REAL problem was.

When you have Newsweek putting out one of the most SHAMEFUL things I have EVER seen - an issue with a crying, black child on the cover, and a main report based entirely on hearsay and third-party "sources that didn't want to give their name(s)" - you know the media is officially out of control.

Of course, in an era when a major network reports a made-up story based on falsified documents, should anyone be surprised? No, not really...but then you pick up Newsweek and you realize that the enemies of this President have the media in their hip pocket. And yes, I believe they are vibrating.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm Back, Baby

Well, here we are back from Lake George and none the worse for wear. As soon as I can figure out how this picture posting thingy works, I will post some up for all of you.

Long week, just unwinding...more later.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Chaos Theory

It's been a while since the last update, as work has been crazy. Just thought I'd post something, it's been a crazy couple of weeks, hasn't it?

As everyone watches in horror at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, everyone should donate a little something to the American Red Cross - we haven't had a disaster of this scope in this country since 9/11, and these people really need help.

Of course, any time you have something like this, it brings out the best and worst in people. No need to go over the startling madness and chaos that has been reigning in New Orleans since the city was flooded out. One gets a massive sense of disappointment watching scores of people more interested in grabbing some videos out of the local Blockbuster than helping their next door neighbor. What, pray tell, do you intend to do with those videos? The radios? The TVs? Plug them into the water? Thank goodness the equally-devistated residents of surrounding areas seem to be less inclined to stuff thier pockets with packets of Tang.

Naturally, it didn't take long for the usual suspects to start making political hay out of this. Any excuse to bash President Bush. NO ONE expected the level of destruction that was left in Katrina's wake; even the Weather Channel was saying pithy things Sunday night like, "the hurricane seems to be weakening and may go to the east of Louisiana".

Apparently, the President is ALSO supposed to be Kreskin and should have known that this was going to happen. In fact, he should have flown Air Force One into the eye of Katrina and landed on Bourbon Street - at which time he should have blinked 40,000 National Guard troops there instantly, Jeannie-style.

I find it fascinating that the same cast of characters that were giving Bush shit for going to Florida last year after the hurricanes to survey the damage are now bitching that he should have been in Louisiana while the winds were still blowing. He's damned if he does and he;s damned if he doesn't. We haven't had a natural disaster like this in decades, and people are using it as a political football. Incredible.

It's almost at the point now where I'm waiting for Cindy Sheehan to show up. She probably will show up anyway, since the hurricane coverage took all the press away from her media-driven 'piss-on-my-own-son's grave' tour. The fact that she hasn't had a microphone on her face for 72 hours must be killing her.

As wonderful as this country can be - and I am sure that in the days and weeks to come we will see sights that are not as bleak and dismal as the ones we have been seeing for the last three days - I find myself on way too many occasions being depressed and dismayed by the way people can react when things go bad.

If any lessons are learned from Katrina it is this: when the local officials BEG you to evacuate - it's probably a good idea to NOT pretend that you are impervious to all elements. Get out while you can. If the storm fizzles, what's the worst thing that happens? You stay in a hotel for two days, then go home and pick up what's left of your lawn chairs. Play it SAFE.

The American Red Cross:

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hotter'n Heck

The great Northeast heatwave continues...after a few days of "not so bad" temperatures, here we are back at 96 degrees. The shade is not so bad, but walking in the sun in BRUTAL.

However, the sky is expected to be cloud-free for the Persieds Meteor Shower tonight / tomorrow morning. Best time is the early AM hours, so I'll be setting the Westclox to 4AM tomorry.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Great Gift Idea

News item: NY ACLU fights backpack searches in NYC Subway.

Hence, yet another wonderful gift idea, this time courtesy of the guys over at The (vast) Right Wing Conspiracy - a perfect t-shirt for the ACLU-member / loved one in your life:

Cafe Press

Monday, August 01, 2005

Interesting News Night

Item 1: Rafael Palmiero tests positive for Steroids.

Mister "Never Ever Ever" comes up with a 'plus' mere weeks after getting his 3,000th hit. This sheds light on two things: one, why he's been hitting home runs at the fastest clip of his career, and two, why he needs the Viagra.

Palmiero claims to have never "intentionally" taken stereiods, which I'm guessing is something akin to how one "accidentally" gets a Fusilli Jerry lodged up thier ass.

Item 2: Barry Bonds tells that he will not play this season. San Francisco Chronicle reports that the arthritis in his knee has gotten so bad, me may never play again.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Say it with me: "Awwwwwwwwww".

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tony Blair Slams Back

British Prime Minister Tony Blair just keeps on cementing himself as ONE world leader that "gets it". If you didn't catch any of his stinging responses to a deathly idiotic British press Tuesday (I was fortunate enough to catch it flicking past C-SPAN, but as average Americans, there was probably some reality show or Desperate Housewives episode on that prevented you from doing so), it was a marvelous thing to behold. The never-ending ignorance of the elite press on both sides of the Atlantic never ceases to amaze me.

I've been trying to find a transcript on line...if I do, I'll post it.

Give those idiots hell, Tony. I just wish W had the cojones to call out the White House media vultures the way Blair did with the asinine British leeches.


Monday, July 25, 2005

Archive Update


Going through some fun stuff right now - a box full of WFAT airchecks that vary from 1978 and 1979...really jostling the old memory chips!

These are off-air tapes...some from Hank's personal collection, some taped by DXers and sent in to the station. As such, the quality varies. Still good to have until I can get my elbows into the WFAT reel-to-reel skimmer tapes.

Logging and tagging them now...should have them in the archive officially shortly.

WFAT...caring about you and the profit margin.

Stay cool, cats.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Conspiracy Theory

After watching Joe Torre mis-manage the Yankee bullpen by turning two wins into losses within the past week, I am now convinced that he is purposely doing this to try and kill me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mountains from Molehills

Good Tuesday, everypeoples. Busy day, lots going on…mind racing. We’re in Day 5 of the humidity from hell, which has given us New Yawk commuters some fine air to chew on. The day begins with the Yankees in first place - and a staff of two healthy pitchers. Unbelieveable.

I was sitting around trying to figure out what would be more annoying – being forced to watch poker on TV, the Tour de France on TV, or soccer in general – with the morning news shows on in the background. Then I started to get aggrivated over this whole Karl Rove situation.

The next time one of your squishy liberal friends tries to tell you that “it doesn’t matter” that the majority of decision makers, writers and reporters in the mainstream media lean decidedly left, you need look no further than the way the coverage of this so-called “CIA leak” is being handled by them to know that they are full of shit. It would be laughable if it weren’t so maddening.

Basically, you have the White House strategist (Rowe) being attacked for trying to steer a journalist away from a bogus, bullshit story being peddled by anti-war wonk Joseph Wilson about Iraq’s attempts to obtain WMD, the details of which I will spare you (this is a BLOG, not Moby Dick). It just so happens that Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA.

So Rowe mentions some off-handed remark about Wilson’s wife, and now suddenly he’s leaking classified info about CIA operatives. Guess what – he didn’t. However, the Democratic smear-and-destroy machine has very little use for facts, and a VERY willing accomplice in the media.

What we are seeing is the political equivalent of circling vultures. The media sits and waits for any morsel of meat that could take down the President. When they can’t get that, they’ll take any smidgen of chaff that can take down those around him. With the Rove matter, they smell blood. And because it’s Rove – who has run rings around them repeatedly – they want to pick that carcass clean.

This is the same media that happily ate up any leaks from the CIA itself in the past. This is the same media that bends over backwards to use the terms “alleged” and “accused” when talking about criminals that are on trial. When it comes to someone in the Bush administration, it’s “guilty without trial”; immediate assumptions of wrongdoing before the investigation is even finished.

Now today, the media is tripping over themselves to twist the meaning of something President Bush said in regards to the investigation ages ago, when they know full well what he meant when he said it. But that’s the Democrats – and their pardners in the media – for you.

All of this is why I laugh hysterically when I hear lefties refer to Republicans as “mean-spirited”. There is no one – NO ONE, I tell you – that engages a smear-and-destroy campaign quite like the Democratic Party, especially now that it has become the party of Dean/Franken/Soros/Moore/etc.

Like I said before, it would be funny if it weren’t SO maddening.


PS – I’m going to upload the archive from my OLD blog this week, just to round things out. The old Blog was more acerbic…I think we need to add an edge to this place.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Site is FINALLY Up...Hoo-Rah!

After much tweaking and squeaking, I finally got the site up en totum at midnight last night (or this morning, depending on how you look at it). It needs a little polish, and I need to get a new freakin' scanner so I can get all the cool crap converted to .PDFs and added, but that too shall happen. It's simple math:

Time + cash = new scanner.

Meantime, go check it out in skeletal form as see what you think. Dig the grooviness.

Rock on!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

...and in the "Who Give's a Flaming Rat's Ass" category...

Hey, look at that: they are announcing the Emmy nominations right now.

For someone who hates 90% of everything that is on TV, and barely watches it (outside of a ballgame or The Family Guy) AND loathes awards shows with an ever-burning passion, this is like an evil, demon harmonic conversion.



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Great Gift Idea

I heard about this fun little item on Laura Ingraham this morning:

The perfect gift for your favorite idiotic Amnesty International member.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Welcome to the Halfway Point

Well, the Yankees lumber into the All-Star Break having taken 3 of 4 from the Cleveland Injuns, and can sniff Red Sox tuchas, being a mere 2 and a half games out. How they fare the rest of the way will tell the tale.

Four big games at Fenway coming up after the break...I'm hoping they take three, but a split will do (I'm not greedy). Here's hoping they turn the Sawx in chow-dear.


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bomb Attacks in London

Four or five bombs ripped through the London subway system this morning, as well as tearing the roof of a double-decker bus. While all the details are not yet known, an Al Quada splinter group has already claimed responsibility.

As I have tried to explain to people until I am blue in the face, Islamofascism is the biggest threat to the free world since Nazism and Eurofascism skipped together hand in hand, dropping flowers and bombs all over thier neighbors. The only way to “deal” with this is to grab it by the throat and shake the life out of it, just like we did with the threats that came before it.

Until someone has the balls to deal with it that way, then things like this will continue to happen – any time and anywhere - until people finally decide they’ve had enough.

You wonder when enough will be “enough”. There’s too much modern-day brain damage to deal with that gets in the way. Back during World War II, you had singers, actors and actresses stumping for the war effort. Now, you have nutjob Hollywood assclowns and limo riding musicians protesting the treatment of detainees in a prison camp – during a war - that would gladly kill us all in a heartbeat. My mind boggles.

Yours should, too.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Independence Day

Hoping your Fourth of July is a happy and safe one. Let's take a moment today and appreciate the freedoms this country offers us, which is why we celebrate today.

If you have a few minutes, please read a great piece by Daniel Henninger from Friday's Wall Street Journal Online called Ground Zero to Baghdad. Some definite (and somewhat sobering) food for thought on this of all days, as the world seems to get a little crazier all around us.

Happy Birthday, America.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Chemical Dependency...?

As much as it pains me to sit here and confess a personal weakness to all of you, I feel I must - if for no other reason, then for the preservation of my own mental sanity.

I have finally stared myself in the face and realized that I have an Quiznos.

They opend a Quiznos up in the strip mall and I can't stop eating there. I'm partial to the Beef Dip, which in sandwich parlance is like mainlining. Sure, there's the hot ham and cheese, the honey mustard chicken and the philly cheesesteak. But nothing gives you that real RUSH like a hot sandwich, loaded with beef and a cup of au ju on the side for dipping.

I'm strongly considering checking myself into the Betty Boop clinic.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Just Kickin' Back...

I've taken some time off from the aircheck restoration project so's I can get the rest of the web site finished and on line by July 1st.

If it kills me.

And it just might.

Stay cool, chilluns...

PS - does it strike anyone else as kinda funny yet pitiful that the Supreme Court says it's OK to display pornography in a magazine store but you can't display the Ten Commandments in a court house?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

38 Big Ones

Well, today is my birthday (do do do do do do do do). Thirty-eighth birthday, to be exact. To be perfectly honest, I don't really feel that much different that when I was 18...with a few minor exceptions:

  • The back acts up a lot more.
  • In general, I get more aches and pains than I used to.
  • That receding hairline that I've always had is finally starting to mean business.
  • I can't wait as long as I used to to go pee.
  • I can't take off weight at the drop of a hat like I used to be able to.
  • Songs that used to make me say, "oh that came out a few years ago" now make me say, "wow, that came out 25 years ago".
  • Panic attacks about money come more easily and frequently now.

Regarding the last point, I'll just be happy if I'm not splitting 9-Lives with the cats after I retire. Everything else will be gravy. The way it's going - who knows?

As the Grass Roots used to say, "Sha La La La La La, Live For Today". You never know - tomorrow may suck.


Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Moonwalks

As predicted, Jacko was given a pass by a California Jury. Interesting how the only high-profile case to be tried by a California jury in recent memory where the defendant was found guilty was Scott Peterson.

However...Scott Peterson wasn't a celebrity. And Jay Leno didn't testify on his behalf.

But O.J., Baretta and Wacko all walk. I probably wouldn't feel as bad about this if the post-verdict interview with the jury didn't sound like a Q&A session with the local village idiot's union.

If I ever do anything super screwed up, I want to be famous and I want my trial to be in California.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How You Like The Apples, Hah?

Hello again...hello...

Whilst counting the mile markers on the way home from work tonight, I realized that this will be a cool way to update how the Archive Project is going without having to update the web site every other day (which, you can imagine, can be a huge pain in the tuchas).

On the downside, you'll have to wade through whatever other stream of conciousness happens to be floating through my addled brain. Think of it as commercials that aren't selling anything useful.


Friday, June 03, 2005


Well, it was bound to happpen eventually. WCBS-FM (the only Oldies outlet in NYC) switched from a relatively lifeless oldies format to a truly lifeless "Jack FM" format at 5PM tonight. From what I have heard, the entire airstaff - including the news staff - was given the heave ho.

I'd been feeling for quite a while that CBS-FM was on the way out. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they'd replace it with something even MORE sterile, like "JACK", a format whose forte is no DJs and lots of blah.

In the days and weeks to come, there will be a huge outcry about this, but let's be honest: personally, I hadn't listened to CBS-FM in quite some time. I was never really a big fan of thier music mix to begin with, and there was always something about the station that never grabbed me and held my ear. It seemed at times that management at "Golden 101" knew how to take a sure thing like oldies and screw up the presentation every way they could.

Plus, there was just something about listening to one of my childhood idols. Dan Ingram, totally lose the talent that made him great on the air. After that, I had a hard time listening to the station at all, except for Harry. Then Harry was gone.

I don't have the same great sense of loss that I had when WABC switched to talk, although what I am thinking can be easily applied to that instance as well. I guess I sort of feel the way you would when a relative that you kinda liked, but were never that close to, dies after a long, drawn out illness. You feel bad, but you know that in the morning, your inner circle of life will go on.

I don't think Jack will last in the New York market, and we may never see another real oldies outlet in this market again until someone signs one on themselves.

I say nothing.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


You knew it was just a matter of time before I got a REAL blog, didn't you? Props to Blogspot for making this super-easy.

Welcome to my stream of conciousness. Please take off your shoes, this is a new rug.

Iced tea?

Come back soon,

PS - Don't fret, I'll move the "old" blog over eventually...

Today's The Day

Some good advice from the legendary Ray Stevens.