Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mountains from Molehills

Good Tuesday, everypeoples. Busy day, lots going on…mind racing. We’re in Day 5 of the humidity from hell, which has given us New Yawk commuters some fine air to chew on. The day begins with the Yankees in first place - and a staff of two healthy pitchers. Unbelieveable.

I was sitting around trying to figure out what would be more annoying – being forced to watch poker on TV, the Tour de France on TV, or soccer in general – with the morning news shows on in the background. Then I started to get aggrivated over this whole Karl Rove situation.

The next time one of your squishy liberal friends tries to tell you that “it doesn’t matter” that the majority of decision makers, writers and reporters in the mainstream media lean decidedly left, you need look no further than the way the coverage of this so-called “CIA leak” is being handled by them to know that they are full of shit. It would be laughable if it weren’t so maddening.

Basically, you have the White House strategist (Rowe) being attacked for trying to steer a journalist away from a bogus, bullshit story being peddled by anti-war wonk Joseph Wilson about Iraq’s attempts to obtain WMD, the details of which I will spare you (this is a BLOG, not Moby Dick). It just so happens that Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA.

So Rowe mentions some off-handed remark about Wilson’s wife, and now suddenly he’s leaking classified info about CIA operatives. Guess what – he didn’t. However, the Democratic smear-and-destroy machine has very little use for facts, and a VERY willing accomplice in the media.

What we are seeing is the political equivalent of circling vultures. The media sits and waits for any morsel of meat that could take down the President. When they can’t get that, they’ll take any smidgen of chaff that can take down those around him. With the Rove matter, they smell blood. And because it’s Rove – who has run rings around them repeatedly – they want to pick that carcass clean.

This is the same media that happily ate up any leaks from the CIA itself in the past. This is the same media that bends over backwards to use the terms “alleged” and “accused” when talking about criminals that are on trial. When it comes to someone in the Bush administration, it’s “guilty without trial”; immediate assumptions of wrongdoing before the investigation is even finished.

Now today, the media is tripping over themselves to twist the meaning of something President Bush said in regards to the investigation ages ago, when they know full well what he meant when he said it. But that’s the Democrats – and their pardners in the media – for you.

All of this is why I laugh hysterically when I hear lefties refer to Republicans as “mean-spirited”. There is no one – NO ONE, I tell you – that engages a smear-and-destroy campaign quite like the Democratic Party, especially now that it has become the party of Dean/Franken/Soros/Moore/etc.

Like I said before, it would be funny if it weren’t SO maddening.


PS – I’m going to upload the archive from my OLD blog this week, just to round things out. The old Blog was more acerbic…I think we need to add an edge to this place.

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