Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Yorker Article on the New Stadiums

Nice piece in the New Yorker about the new New York stadiums opening this season:

HOME: New Stadiums For The Yankees and Mets

"There is nothing so revolutionary in Yankee Stadium’s replacement, which opens just to the north, across 161st Street...the new Yankee Stadium, designed by the architectural firm HOK Sport, is effectively an attempt to atone for the brutal 1973 renovation of Ruppert’s building, which removed the historic ambience without adding much in the way of modern amenities. HOK has reincarnated the old stadium, but with clearer sight lines, luxury suites, plenty of places to eat, and, finally, sufficient bathroom facilities."

Hot. And only a few weeks away...woot!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Remebering Ron Silver


"Some people have more courage than others. And still other people have dead on guts that make the rest of us seem like terrified guppies in a sea of cowards. That was Ron Silver."

I had the good fortune to meet Ron Silver (ever-so-briefly) at the GOP Convention in 2004. He was about to be interviewed and I was working, so it wasn't anything more than a "hello, nice to meet you" moment - but without any of the contrived brevity you would expect from a celebrity. A sincere moment from a sincere guy. He'll be missed. R.I.P.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That Damn Filet O Fish Song

I have NO IDEA why this commercial cracks me up - or why this song is stuck in my head - but that's the way it is!

For what it's worth, I HATE the McDonald's Filet O Fish sandwich. Ironic, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Stuff I Told People About A Year Ago

...only now The Wall Street Journal is pointing it out, too.

The Obama Economy

As the Dow keeps dropping, the President is running out of people to blame.

Americans have welcomed the Obama era in the same spirit of hope the President campaigned on. But after five weeks in office, it's become clear that Mr. Obama's policies are slowing, if not stopping, what would otherwise be the normal process of economic recovery. From punishing business to squandering scarce national public resources, Team Obama is creating more uncertainty and less confidence -- and thus a longer period of recession or subpar growth.


I had posted this article earlier today on Facebook and after an hour's worth of unpleasant comments that dredged up everything from the names of every politician and commentator on the right to the history of the Dow Jones Average and stimulus bills in general (er ah yeah - they never work, even ones that contain ACTUAL stimulus - I knew that already), I took it down.

The good thing about insults and name calling in lieu of an actual counter-arguement is that usually means there isn't one.

This is why I quit the debate team in high school. I not only was I giving myself ulcers, but it was getting harder and harder to fight the urges to stab people in the eye with a pin microphone - and I heard that prison was a pretty unfriendly place.

I didn't write this - the Wall Street Journal did. So please direct any insults and name-calling you may be inclined to spew as a result of the mere existence of this article to THEM, not me.

*I* on the other hand will just be sitting here twiddling my thumbs, watching my 401K and IRA evaporate to nothing. It's all good.

Today's The Day

Some good advice from the legendary Ray Stevens.