Monday, September 15, 2003

Bring on the Meat

I've been thinking more and more that it's time to head to Harold's Deli in New Jersey for a triple-decker, three-foot-high pastrami sandwich. Naturally, I am willing to follow that up with the one-pound ├ęclair. Since I gained 900 pounds on the cruise, I'll probably wait until some time in October, but a trip is a must nonetheless. I keep promising you all this, so I'll keep you updated.

That's the great thing about vegans: more meat for the rest of us.

We'll have paramedics standing by...

Monday, September 01, 2003

Happy Labor Day

Happy 21st to cousin Janine...I will be thinking of shots, taco salads and more shots until the headache wears off. Oh, to be 21 again. And thanks to the weatherman for being wrong and the great weather that lasted until Monday. It's gonna be a short work week, but there's still just as much work! The horrors.

What's New This Week

Not a whole hell of a lot. We're still awaiting the arrival of Cat #2. I can't wait to see what Hobbes' reaction is going to be when the new kitten gets here. If you all see me bleeding a lot, you know the reaction wasn't GOOD.

In the CD Player: right now, I'm laughing out loud to Dave Attell's "Skanks For The Memories" stand-up CD. It's pretty frickin' funny without being annoyingly political! Still hooked on Ringo Rama...why haven't you picked it up yet?

Last week, I finally got a chance to see NOVA's "Secrets, Lies, and Atomic Spies" which aired on Tuesday the 26th. If you don't know what that was all about, it detailed the findings of The Venona Project during and after World War II. If you don't know what The Venona Project was, don't feel bad - not many people do. Don't expect to learn about it in school either, young'uns - it flies in the face of everything academia has been trying to ram down our gobs for the past 40-plus years. Venona's been back in the news lately (usually on page 110B) due to the stir being made by Ann Coulter's Treason. I found myself getting physically ill while watching this, thinking of how the Cold War and all the aggravation that came with it could have been avoided...but if you have a strong stomach for the absurd, keep an eye out for this one in TV Guide. It's a must-watch.

Today's The Day

Some good advice from the legendary Ray Stevens.