Thursday, September 09, 2010


It's official, folks - the morning news is so depressing that I just can't bring myself to watch it anymore. I can no longer subject myself to daily reminders of how far down the shitter this country keeps going interspersed with puff pieces about Lady CaCa and Justin Beiber's quiffy quaff. I'm starting my days DEPRESSED from all this crap. Even Good Day New York (which used to be a safe haven in the morning) is getting me down.

From now on - or at least until we have a massive paradigm shift in the direction things keep going lately - I am no longer watching news in the morning. Hell, I might not even watch TV anymore until my shows kick off their new seasons. I just don't have the intestinal fortitude to start my days by looking at this shit anymore. When all there is is BAD news, you're better off getting no news at all.

I'll wait until I get to the city then look at the papers. At least by then I've managed to choke some Lucky Charms down without regurgitating them back up again.

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