Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea Trumps Kool-Aid

They laugh. They scoff. They belittle. They call names. Good. That means they have no idea just how much things have changed. Jonathan Rauch has a great piece in the National Journal showing just how little the detractors understand:

How Tea Party Organizes Without Leaders

Strange though it may seem, this is a coordinated network, not a hierarchy. There is no chain of command. No group or person is subordinate to any other. The tea parties are jealously independent and suspicious of any efforts at central control, which they see as a sure path to domination by outside interests. "There's such a uniqueness to every one of these groups, just as there's an individuality to every person," Wildman says. "It has this bizarre organic flow, a little bit like lava. It heats up in some places and catches on fire; it moves more slowly in other places."

It's a new world, a different paradigm now (as the hipster doofuses like to say) and I don't think there's any turning back. If anything good came out of the wreckage of the 2004 - 2009 political climate it is that the PEOPLE started to care again. The sleeping giant re-awakened. This is good news for everbody (except for pergressive elitists, who as we all know, know better than everyone else). Let them keep laughing. Keep pretending it doesn't matter.

PS - I still feel like crap after a week of feeling like crap. At this point I just want to either get a full-blown cold or have this goes away. Soon.

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