Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not So Strange Bedfellows

From one craptastic former president to one potential craptastic president, a show of support. Can't you feel the love? Or is that nausea?

Courtesy Tammy Bruce:

One Complete Disaster for the Country Endorses Another One

Peanuts in a pod. Now that he has the coveted Hamas endorsement, why not pull in the nod from the biggest failed president of the modern age? Yes we can!

Ahh yes, James Podunk Carter, the last POS President we got saddled with when the vox plumbeus decided to vote based on touchy-feely emotions and not with their heads.

Of course, it's highly possible they did vote with their heads back in '76, but the heads were all on 'empty'. I can sense the same wind whipping through the empty whipperwills right about now.

I know Hillary's supposed to have spoken tonight or will speak or some such nonsense, but I'll read about it tomorrow. There's something about the sound of her voice when she goes off on that shrill, sticatto shouting thing that she does during every speech she makes that makes me want to shove knitting needles through my ear drums, and I'd like to avoid the Emergency Room tonight if I can.

I hope she stays in somehow - or (gasp) even runs on an Independent ticket. Then we'll have some REAL fun around here.

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