Saturday, September 04, 2004

What a Week

I know, long time no update...sorry!

Just back from the 2004 Republican National Convention, and what can I say...what a week! It was surreal to be rubbing elbows with the who's-who of talk radio and have glancing elbows with dozens of politicians. It was a head trip!

Got to meet some people I have been wanting to meet for ages - in both arenas. It was great seeing Alan Colmes too, after x-illion years.

Great speech by Zel Miller, really brought the house down. Ah-nold was great. W's speech hit the points in good fashion. Awesome. Best of all, the nattering nabob of nebulous nincompoops that lurked around MSG all week trying to disrupt the proceedings were nothing more than humorous curiosities and not producers of disruptive anarchy. You gotta love NY's Finest.

Got tons of pics and great memories. Maybe I'll do that again some time!

In Other News...

I think I'm gonna close the site down for a while and rework the whole blog thing. The election is coming up, and between going crazy at work and pressing the flesh until November, it's gonna be hard to maintain this thing. I hope to get a REAL "blog-hosting site" in the future, at which point I'll re-emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon.

Bottom line is you probably won't hear from me until AFTER Election Day. Hopefully by then I'll have some fingernails left, not TOO many ulcers, and won't be applying for citizenship on Mars!

Be well...stay wild.

Today's The Day

Some good advice from the legendary Ray Stevens.