Friday, April 23, 2010

B.S. Is As B.S. Does

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of reading op-ed pieces from axe-grinding douchebags in the media that keep trying to portray Tea Partiers as violent, angry racists by using cure little code terms like, "where was all this anger during the Bush years" and equally cutesy-wutesy Left-Wing, MSNBC-distributed talking points. The latest bit of garbage that is being gobbled up as "proof" of this is a bullshit poll taken by CBS and the NY Times (which in and of itself is a joke) that claims most Tea Partiers are rich, white folks that don't like that bog ole black Pres'dent.

Cut me a freaking break. First of all, I'd LOVE to know how See-BS and the Time "massaged" these poll numbers. Thier stances on such things speak for themselves, as do their reputations (you know, the same folks that brought you forged documents as news and Jayson Blair working together like the League of Doom). So any poll numbers they present - working TOGETHER no less - send my Bullshit Detector well into the stratosphere.

Second, any moron that takes these BS poll numbers and uses them as an excuse to further paint the Tea Party movement as a bunch of rich white folk or lyinchin' Klansmen (interesting combo there, BTW) is more full of shit than a Port-O-San at a construction site. Where was the anger three years ago? If any of them BOTHERED to do five minutes worth of research, they would might have learned that the Tea Party Movement was BORN during the Bush era in response to the spending largesse of the administration - and started to gain ground after the insaity of the TARP bailout.

The main difference then was there was not a House and Senate interested in creating untolled trillions worth of increased debt like we are seeing now. Spend, spend, spend and let the great-grandkids pay it off. What a great way to "fix" problems - like putting chewing gum in a dam leak. All the while smiling like the cat that ate the canary. THAT'S why people are pissed off now, you dumb media bastards.

Maybe some of these numnuts that keep running around like Chicken Little screaming "racism" like fire in a movie house, should give this a watch:

Not that they'll pay any Forrest Gump so correctly stated, stupid is as stupid does...and the mainstream media seems to be full of plenty of stupid these days.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How 'Bout That Hughes?

For the second time in the last two weeks, another Yankee came close to making history. Not a bad season so far!

Electric Hughes nearly no-hits A's
Bid for history spoiled in eighth, but Yanks win sixth straight

OAKLAND -- Phil Hughes couldn't help but know that he might be possessing no-hit stuff. If the Athletics' feeble swings and quick trips back to the bench weren't telling him, the scoreboard glaring into the Yankees' dugout surely was.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Pete Sayek's Day Off

OK, so I am not Ferris Beuller, but that doesn't make taking the day off any less enjoyable. Unlike Mr. Beuller (Beuller...Beuller...), mine is a sanctioned day off so no need to resort to creative trickery to cover it up.

Coming off a great weekend, Monday "off-days" are the best. It's a beautiful spring day, the windows are open (how about that...?) and the breeze is nap-inducing. I may take it up on it's offer.

In the "big picture", it's all good...Yanks are 4-2 and come home tomorrow, Rags got eliminated yesterday (in a shootout, no less) and I don't have to hear the name "Tiger Woods" again - at least for a few weeks. Shopping is already done, washer is chuggin' in the background and the afternoon is my oyster. Or erster, depending on where you come from.

It's easier to sit back and drink these things in when you're not workin'.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feeling The Love

What a great gane today. CC Sabathia comes within four four outs of pitching a no-hitter against the (dirty) Devil Rays, and the Yanks threw them a 10-0 ass-whupping to boot. There were so many outstanding, phenominal defensive plays in this game that it was like watching a year's worth of highlights all in one afternoon.

It's after games like this when my love for baseball is reaffirmed, and why despite all it's shortcomings it's still the most complex and enjoyable sport to watch. There's a reason why I defend (and enjoy) the game of baseball and it's afternoons like this. Rock on.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How Do You Know It Will Work If You Haven't Come Up With The Plan Yet?

Long John Nebel asked that very question a long, long time ago. Well, no more worries: the Obama White House announced TODAY - April 7, 2010 (mark that date down) - that they have FINALLY come up with "A PLAN" for being "the most transparent administration in like, the history of forever, man"!

Yes, you heard correctly - they haven't announced they ARE now open like a screen door with a broken hinge - no, they've FINALLY come up with "The Plan" to be open! A little over one year and three months into this presidency, after 10.5 Trillion dollars in "bailouts" that allowed unfettered government takeover of the mortgage, auto and banking indusrties - and after forcing through one of the most secretive, backroom-deal-laden, Constitutionally bankrupt bills in U.S. history (so we could "find out what is actually in it"), NOW the White House has come up with A PLAN!

Isn't that awsome? I guess I was wrong about Obama all this time.

I'll probably have even less hair on my head and be a day older before this "plan" ever gets put into place (if ever). It's kind of funny that they keep telling us how "transparent" they PLAN on being because it's painfully easy to see right through them.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Lots of Win-Wins

This evening gets files under "good"...I FINALLY got PodOMatic's tech team to fix BOTH podcast pages...I was able to successfully install MS Front Page (after many tries)...the weather has been beautiful for days (and tomorrow will be great, too)...and the Yankees have win #1 under their belts against the Dread Sawx.

In addition to everything else (which takes a load off my mind), I shall float to sleep tonight on a river of sweet, nectar-like tears of Yankee haters everywhere. Like a free-floating waterbed.

Good evening, indeed.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! What a great day (so far): great weather, great dinner, off shortly for dessert with family and friends and Opening Night tonight. Not to mention all that 50%-off Easter candy the stores will have on sale tomorrow. Woo hoo!

In other news, I'm entering my second week of working with PodOMatic's tech team to try and fix the file storage issues. You tell them what is wrong and they ask you questions that have NOTHING to do with the problem. Very frustrating.

The good news is once they get their act in gear I'll be able to get new archived shows up. Woot!
Enjoy the remainder of your day...happy egg salad!

Today's The Day

Some good advice from the legendary Ray Stevens.