Monday, April 12, 2010

Pete Sayek's Day Off

OK, so I am not Ferris Beuller, but that doesn't make taking the day off any less enjoyable. Unlike Mr. Beuller (Beuller...Beuller...), mine is a sanctioned day off so no need to resort to creative trickery to cover it up.

Coming off a great weekend, Monday "off-days" are the best. It's a beautiful spring day, the windows are open (how about that...?) and the breeze is nap-inducing. I may take it up on it's offer.

In the "big picture", it's all good...Yanks are 4-2 and come home tomorrow, Rags got eliminated yesterday (in a shootout, no less) and I don't have to hear the name "Tiger Woods" again - at least for a few weeks. Shopping is already done, washer is chuggin' in the background and the afternoon is my oyster. Or erster, depending on where you come from.

It's easier to sit back and drink these things in when you're not workin'.

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