Friday, April 23, 2010

B.S. Is As B.S. Does

I'm getting pretty sick and tired of reading op-ed pieces from axe-grinding douchebags in the media that keep trying to portray Tea Partiers as violent, angry racists by using cure little code terms like, "where was all this anger during the Bush years" and equally cutesy-wutesy Left-Wing, MSNBC-distributed talking points. The latest bit of garbage that is being gobbled up as "proof" of this is a bullshit poll taken by CBS and the NY Times (which in and of itself is a joke) that claims most Tea Partiers are rich, white folks that don't like that bog ole black Pres'dent.

Cut me a freaking break. First of all, I'd LOVE to know how See-BS and the Time "massaged" these poll numbers. Thier stances on such things speak for themselves, as do their reputations (you know, the same folks that brought you forged documents as news and Jayson Blair working together like the League of Doom). So any poll numbers they present - working TOGETHER no less - send my Bullshit Detector well into the stratosphere.

Second, any moron that takes these BS poll numbers and uses them as an excuse to further paint the Tea Party movement as a bunch of rich white folk or lyinchin' Klansmen (interesting combo there, BTW) is more full of shit than a Port-O-San at a construction site. Where was the anger three years ago? If any of them BOTHERED to do five minutes worth of research, they would might have learned that the Tea Party Movement was BORN during the Bush era in response to the spending largesse of the administration - and started to gain ground after the insaity of the TARP bailout.

The main difference then was there was not a House and Senate interested in creating untolled trillions worth of increased debt like we are seeing now. Spend, spend, spend and let the great-grandkids pay it off. What a great way to "fix" problems - like putting chewing gum in a dam leak. All the while smiling like the cat that ate the canary. THAT'S why people are pissed off now, you dumb media bastards.

Maybe some of these numnuts that keep running around like Chicken Little screaming "racism" like fire in a movie house, should give this a watch:

Not that they'll pay any Forrest Gump so correctly stated, stupid is as stupid does...and the mainstream media seems to be full of plenty of stupid these days.

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