Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How Do You Know It Will Work If You Haven't Come Up With The Plan Yet?

Long John Nebel asked that very question a long, long time ago. Well, no more worries: the Obama White House announced TODAY - April 7, 2010 (mark that date down) - that they have FINALLY come up with "A PLAN" for being "the most transparent administration in like, the history of forever, man"!

Yes, you heard correctly - they haven't announced they ARE now open like a screen door with a broken hinge - no, they've FINALLY come up with "The Plan" to be open! A little over one year and three months into this presidency, after 10.5 Trillion dollars in "bailouts" that allowed unfettered government takeover of the mortgage, auto and banking indusrties - and after forcing through one of the most secretive, backroom-deal-laden, Constitutionally bankrupt bills in U.S. history (so we could "find out what is actually in it"), NOW the White House has come up with A PLAN!

Isn't that awsome? I guess I was wrong about Obama all this time.

I'll probably have even less hair on my head and be a day older before this "plan" ever gets put into place (if ever). It's kind of funny that they keep telling us how "transparent" they PLAN on being because it's painfully easy to see right through them.

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