Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vote Rangling

Not a huge surprise that Charlie "Ethics" Rangel won big last night. When you're core constituents are kept dependent on the government, you can't expect them to break away from the status quo (even if you are living the high life with their money while they get your table scraps). Hopefully the courts will something that should have been done years ago and put Choo-Choo Charlie out on his fat, dishonest ass (something voters in Harlem are simply too indoctrinated to do).

I give the Dems credit for one thing: they know how to pick their spots. Whenever they have a scheme in mind that involves painfully un-electable candidates, they find the proper nuthouses to run them in where even a sack of guano would get elected if it had a (D) next to it (New York, California, Minnesota...). Find the crazy people and give them someone they can relate to.

The big so-called "Tea Party" wins in DE and NH last night are already being written off by the mainstream media as losses for the GOP in November, which only shows that they still don't get what is going on. Both states showed double the estimated turnout for Republican voters last night (dwarfing Democrat voters almost 2 to 1). I don't think that happened by accident. People are pissed off with the status quo, yo. Only the media and the Republican hierarchy refuse to acknowledge it.

They keep saying these grassroots candidates can't win primaries, yet they win handily. Then they tell us they can't win general elections. We'll see. Right now nothing is "in the bag" for ANY candidate. As a result, the Big Bag O' Dirty Tricks is already being dipped into by the Dems and their willing accomplices in the media. It will only get louder and nastier as we approach November.

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