Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hotter'n Heck

The great Northeast heatwave continues...after a few days of "not so bad" temperatures, here we are back at 96 degrees. The shade is not so bad, but walking in the sun in BRUTAL.

However, the sky is expected to be cloud-free for the Persieds Meteor Shower tonight / tomorrow morning. Best time is the early AM hours, so I'll be setting the Westclox to 4AM tomorry.



Rev Greg said...

If the unbearable temperature of 96 deeeegreez is inevitable, we might as well lay back and enjoy it.

Uncle Tex Greg-a-bee

Windy said...

There is a break tonight. It is rainy but 70. Now if it would stay 70 till October that would be great.

Pete "Music" Sayek said...

I'll take 70 until October...

Today's The Day

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