Friday, September 02, 2005

Chaos Theory

It's been a while since the last update, as work has been crazy. Just thought I'd post something, it's been a crazy couple of weeks, hasn't it?

As everyone watches in horror at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, everyone should donate a little something to the American Red Cross - we haven't had a disaster of this scope in this country since 9/11, and these people really need help.

Of course, any time you have something like this, it brings out the best and worst in people. No need to go over the startling madness and chaos that has been reigning in New Orleans since the city was flooded out. One gets a massive sense of disappointment watching scores of people more interested in grabbing some videos out of the local Blockbuster than helping their next door neighbor. What, pray tell, do you intend to do with those videos? The radios? The TVs? Plug them into the water? Thank goodness the equally-devistated residents of surrounding areas seem to be less inclined to stuff thier pockets with packets of Tang.

Naturally, it didn't take long for the usual suspects to start making political hay out of this. Any excuse to bash President Bush. NO ONE expected the level of destruction that was left in Katrina's wake; even the Weather Channel was saying pithy things Sunday night like, "the hurricane seems to be weakening and may go to the east of Louisiana".

Apparently, the President is ALSO supposed to be Kreskin and should have known that this was going to happen. In fact, he should have flown Air Force One into the eye of Katrina and landed on Bourbon Street - at which time he should have blinked 40,000 National Guard troops there instantly, Jeannie-style.

I find it fascinating that the same cast of characters that were giving Bush shit for going to Florida last year after the hurricanes to survey the damage are now bitching that he should have been in Louisiana while the winds were still blowing. He's damned if he does and he;s damned if he doesn't. We haven't had a natural disaster like this in decades, and people are using it as a political football. Incredible.

It's almost at the point now where I'm waiting for Cindy Sheehan to show up. She probably will show up anyway, since the hurricane coverage took all the press away from her media-driven 'piss-on-my-own-son's grave' tour. The fact that she hasn't had a microphone on her face for 72 hours must be killing her.

As wonderful as this country can be - and I am sure that in the days and weeks to come we will see sights that are not as bleak and dismal as the ones we have been seeing for the last three days - I find myself on way too many occasions being depressed and dismayed by the way people can react when things go bad.

If any lessons are learned from Katrina it is this: when the local officials BEG you to evacuate - it's probably a good idea to NOT pretend that you are impervious to all elements. Get out while you can. If the storm fizzles, what's the worst thing that happens? You stay in a hotel for two days, then go home and pick up what's left of your lawn chairs. Play it SAFE.

The American Red Cross:

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