Friday, June 03, 2005


Well, it was bound to happpen eventually. WCBS-FM (the only Oldies outlet in NYC) switched from a relatively lifeless oldies format to a truly lifeless "Jack FM" format at 5PM tonight. From what I have heard, the entire airstaff - including the news staff - was given the heave ho.

I'd been feeling for quite a while that CBS-FM was on the way out. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they'd replace it with something even MORE sterile, like "JACK", a format whose forte is no DJs and lots of blah.

In the days and weeks to come, there will be a huge outcry about this, but let's be honest: personally, I hadn't listened to CBS-FM in quite some time. I was never really a big fan of thier music mix to begin with, and there was always something about the station that never grabbed me and held my ear. It seemed at times that management at "Golden 101" knew how to take a sure thing like oldies and screw up the presentation every way they could.

Plus, there was just something about listening to one of my childhood idols. Dan Ingram, totally lose the talent that made him great on the air. After that, I had a hard time listening to the station at all, except for Harry. Then Harry was gone.

I don't have the same great sense of loss that I had when WABC switched to talk, although what I am thinking can be easily applied to that instance as well. I guess I sort of feel the way you would when a relative that you kinda liked, but were never that close to, dies after a long, drawn out illness. You feel bad, but you know that in the morning, your inner circle of life will go on.

I don't think Jack will last in the New York market, and we may never see another real oldies outlet in this market again until someone signs one on themselves.

I say nothing.

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