Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day. Be sure to take some time out to remember the men and women that fight to keep this country free. The toughest thing to do is defend something you believe in, and if not for the brave men and women of our fighting forces, instead of enjoying a beer and a barbecue today, we'd either be a member of the Axis, suffering under Communism or dodging Allah-bound 747s today.

I have been dragged kicking and screaming into MySpace world. You can go visit my page at I'm still gonna keep the main blog over here at BlogSpot, so I'll mirror the two for a while unless I decide to dump one of them (not likely).

So, feel free to check over there or here, whatever. Also, remember to visit the Radio Free New York site to enjoy the fruits of my blood, sweat and beers.

In the words of Phil Leotardo, I love you all like a law.

Just waiting to enjoy the freedoms we have here in the good old US of A and fire up the BBQ and open a beer myself. Loving the WABC Rewound right now.

And in closing, big thanks to Reverend Greg for the sugary soda treats in glinting glass bottles that were smuggled into his local bodega via happy Mexican guest workers.

Love, luck and lollipops,

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