Monday, May 08, 2006

An Action-Packed Weekend

Wanna talk about an eventful weeked?

It all started on Friday when we went to a going-away gathering for our friend Mark, who is going off to Iraq (kick some ass, Mark!). Things took a turn for the interesting when I found Mon and Jeff tending to a party girl who drank to the point of falling down (ouch) and splitting her chin open (double ouch). Since alcohol thins the blood, there was red stuff all over the place.

Pretty wild - it was like watching ER, only not as fake.

So, then we capped things off today by going to see a taping of Emeril Live - BAM! - courtesy of Bootleg Steve, one hell of a guy. What fun! I'd have to say it was probably the most fun I've even had at a show taping - and I mean that. Those people know how to have fun, let me tell ya.

In Other News...

I decided to cut down on my sugar intake and so I'm trying ONCE AGAIN to switch over to diet soda. I simply cannot drink Diet Coke - I can't take the tongue-curling aftertaste. BUT I managed to find a few that I DO like. Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Mountain Dew, and even Diet Coke with Lime - sort of.

I must monitor this closely and carefully, as the last time I switched to aspertame-sweetened drinks, I started to exhibit all kids of weird and sundry side effects: dizziness, fatigue and massive short-term memory loss.

So I guess it's a trade-off: you lose weight from the lack of sugar intake, but suffer brain damage from the chemicals. As Fernando used to say, it's better to look good that to feel good, right?

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