Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Pod People Have Won

And the loser is everyone. Major companies are already discussing their hiring freeze and layoff strategies under Obama's wealth redistribution plan. Double-digit inflation rates and increased recession trends are just mere months away. When businesses cut spending growth stops and you know the rest.

Get ready for another round of "healthcare reform" to be rammed down your throat like Vincent Price with a plate full of poodles. The best we can hope at this point is that there won't be too much damage done and that conservatives can get their act together for the mid-term elections.

John McCain is a good man who ran a terrible campaign. He's wasn't really an electable candidate but he squandered any chance he DID have. He took a lot of shit from smartasses on the Left that he didn't deserve. He stuck to his word about not using public funds to run for President (Obama sure didn't) and that cost him in the long run.

More than anything, McCain was a victim of Bush Derangement Syndrome and lost to the guy with the better ad campaign and endless supply of willing media mutton heads eager to do his dirty work to get "their guy" elected.

Conservatives need to get their act together and stop coddling the RINOs and "moderates" and get a movement going for the 2010 elections to start swinging the balance of power back towards where it should be. Since JFK's assassination (keeping in mind that JFK was really a conservative) we've had eight Republican administrations and THREE Democratic ones (with the fourth around the corner). That's 32 out of 44 years, so this too shall pass.

Look at morons like Jimmeh Carter. He did so much damage in ONE TERM that the effects are still being felt today. As Gary (Gretscviking) so aptly pointed out - Presidents come and go. Let's just hope America still looks the same when THIS one goes.

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