Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Debate 2 Thoughts...

Well, there were no knockout punches delieverd tonight, that's for sure. McCain didn't come out as forceful as I thought he would (based on yesterday's appearances) but he definitlely stated his positions well and stood up to Obama's never-ending-run-on-sentence style.

JM finally hammered Obama on the financical crisis (THANK GOD) and scored on the things that really matter - foreign affairs (Obama came off as disjointed again on the topic and tried to work Iraq into EVERYTHING), substance and details. Obama repeated the same tired stuff and really went off into scary territory with all the proposed entitlements and textbook class warfare nonsense.

Hot Air has some solid analysis HERE.

Too early to tell what the armchair quarterbacking will be like on this one, but going forward and in the final debate, McCain really needs to hit a home run if we are to avoid the first Marxist regime in American history.

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