Thursday, November 06, 2008

File Under: You Asked For It

Yes, all that "Hope" and "Change" is ALREADY paying off!

U.S. Stocks Post Biggest Post-Election Drop on Economic Concern

The market's decline came a day after the biggest presidential Election Day gain since the New York Stock Exchange first opened for trading on a voting day in 1984.

That's what happens when the pre-election polls show a tightening race and it doesn't actually happen, folks!

However, Market Watch has some advice to those of us looking to ride out the next four years without ending up in the poorhouse (and keep avoiding those glorious redistribution checks!):

How to Obama-Proof Your Portfolio

"The main theme is not to invest in America...that means non-USA oil and gas companies. The antidrilling prejudice and windfall-profits enthusiasm will drive the United States to actually import more oil..."

Boy, this is sounding great already and it's not even January 20th yet.

To paraphrase the late Bette Davis, fasten your's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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