Monday, March 29, 2010

March Going Out Like A Lion

The record-breaking rainfall continues here in the Garden State. The nearby creek looks like the wild water rapids ride at Dorney Park. Crazy. Won't be too sad to see this month come wheezing to an end.

Nothing really new right now...I'm a bit political-ed out right now, just too much overload in the wake of Death Care Reform. So I've been working on the archive and trying to figure out what to do with the RFNY site (which is in dire need of an upgrade) and the future of podcasts (since Pod-o-Matic seems to be flaking out).

Last weekend was Beatlefest weekend and with money being scarce and way too much work to do, I missed it for the second year in a row. I hope to make it back in 2011...I don't want the memory of my last Beatlefest to be what my last one was actually like - riddled with illness, crazy happenings and drama. I'd like to make it back to at least one more Fest so I could actually ENJOY myself without any peripheral jazz (like the last one I attended).

In the meantime the WHOT archiving is officially in the home stretch. After six years of archiving casettes, reels and video tapes, the light is at the end of the tunnel - at least for the WHOT tapes (proper). There are four ten-boxes left and that's it.

Now, I still have to find the missing tapes which are still dangerously AWOL and all hailing from the early-80s. I live in perpetual fear that these tapes are gone. I catalogued them shortly after the WHOT bust in 89-90, so they definitely DID exists - old tapes of WGUT shows, WQXQ and the WKRB Halloween show. All from 80-82. I hope they can be tracked down. I'd estimate there are about 40 tapes missing in all from this era.

Of course, once I finish THESE I move on to Phase II: the original Radio Free New York shows. There's some great stuff in there from 90-95, basement jam shows and other great stuff...AJ and I doing sports call in shows...these should be a breeze to go through compared to teh HOT tapes (all mono).

Anyway, that's what's new and exciting, which is not a whole lot. Feeling beat so I'm gonna hit the haystack. Hopefully I'll have an update on the RFNY Site and podcasts soon.

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