Friday, March 19, 2010

The End Is In Sight

It's Friday, and I figure I should spend the last few hours as a free American being productive, so I will be working on the Podcasts and web site this weekend. It's long overdue.

It looks like Sunday is D-Day for the Obamacare travesty vote. I may have metioned this once or twice before but when something gets done on a weekend or at one in the morning, it's being done that way so you won't notice. That's why the bring the sheep to the slaughterhouse at night when they can't see what is going on. Not that it matters - the sheep-le are perfectly OK with having government run their lives, so what's the big deal...right?

I tried to warn people in 2008 about what happens when you vote with touchy-feely emotions instead of your head (see: Carter, Jimmy) but no one would listen. Congratulations, Generation Y. Good work. You'll be old one day and probably denied service because of your age. Then you can REALLY enjoy the fruits of your stupidity.

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