Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cory Lidle: 1972 - 2001

Please send thoughts and prayers to the wife and son of Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle. Cory died in a small plane crash earlier today when the Cirrus SR-20 he was flying crashed into an Upper East Side condominuim.

I can't really explain the mixture of shock and sadness that I am currently experiencing as I watch the news and hear players talk about Cory as a teammate and man. Always misunderstood - probably because his career began as a replacement player during the player's strike in 1995 - Cory spoke his mind but never really said anything that wasn't true. He called Barry Bonds out for his alleged steroid use and gave his teammates a hard time for their lousy performance in the ALDS against the Tigers.

I respect a guy that can be honest without being trite, and Lidle certainly was that. He did tireless work for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and never met a poker game he didn't like. He was, above everything else, a regular guy.

Thanks for the big games down the stretch, Cory - and thanks for being a regular guy.

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