Friday, June 16, 2006

Archive Update - 6/16/06

Hey eveybody! It's the WHEEKEND!

Good news re: the WHOT Archive Project. A trip this week to the Tape Storage Wharehaus (in Hank's basement) has yielded a treasure-trove of early tapes that I had feared lost. The FIRST-EVER WFAT broadcast is now accounted for, along with several other "previously-MIA" things, like a pair of WQXQ broadcasts, Several WGUT shows (circa 1981 to 1983) and a TON of WWCR-era Radio Free New York shows!

There were lots of other nice bits and pieces recovered, all of which I will begin cataloging at some point this weekend, most likely following tomorrow's Father's Day festivities up at the in-lawses in PA.

Details to follow!


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