Thursday, April 27, 2006

RFNY Web Site Update Coming

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to post the latest on what's going on with the Radio Free New York site, since it's been sitting pretty much dormant since New Year's.

I've been working on a big upgrade of the site. I finally got a working scanner I like (hoo-ray!), so I have been scanning all the documents that SHOULD be up (as well as re-scanning some of the nasty-looking old ones). Rather than put everything up in dribs and drabs, I wanted to wait until I am ready to "go live" with the new materials before I do an update.

I also have a batch of new shows ready to go up and perhaps an additional picture page. I have learned that the site's storage is almost at 98% full, so I will have to work accordingly. I'd love to have endless space to post EVERYTHING, but what can you do.

I may even change the design eventually. This was my FIRST excursion into web design, and there are a lot of things I'd like to change, but that is a ways down the road.

So fret not - is alive and well and will be better than ever very soon.

In Other News...

Congratulations to Tony Snow for being named White House Press Secretary yesterday. Tony's a great guy who I have had the pleasure of working with on occasion, and hey - he's addicted to Smarties like me, so he's definitely ready to take on the job!

I'm sure he'll be more-than-capable of keeping the ravenous blood-sucking leeches that ARE the White House Press Corps in line. Best of luck!

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