Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Ado About Nothing

If you were unlucky enough to watch that entire multi-million-dollar dog and pony show on ESPN yesterday, then you probably feel the same way I do today: completely disgusted.

Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee both appeared before the House Governmental Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday to participate in an ambigiously-defined session of "He Said / He Said". And for what? Clemens was looking to clear his name, and in one of the best examples of our society, McNamee was looking to futher ruin his in an effort to show how "honest" he is.

What we actually saw was among the biggest wastes of time and money that you will have ever witnessed. Two questionable (at best) characters vying for the title of Biggest Bullshit Artist on national television, each not worthy of any benefit of the doubt. Clemens, a loudmouth whose self-serving verbiage is surpassed only by that of the equally-bulky (but somehow uninvestgated) Curt Schilling. McNamee, a scummy, dirty ex-cop who has made a career out of hindering investigations (until now, of course).

After four-and-a-half snowbound hours of my life that I will never get back, my opinion on this matter hasn't changed one iota: Clemens is full of shit and McNamee is probably embellishing what he knows to avoid further jail time. Meanwhile, the guy that distributed the steroids McNamee used in the first place (ex-Met Clubhouse Attendant Kirk Radomski) gets 5 years probation and is laughing at us all.

This whole mess, from the Mitchell Report on down to this friggin' display we were all subjected to yesterday, has been nothing more than a smoke-and-mirrors dance being orchestrated by that Used Car Salesman Bud Selig to keep Congress out of Baseball. Yep, that REALLY worked, Bud. You truly, TRULY are a genius. Of course, after the wonders of Interleague Play and the All-Star Game World Series Coin Toss, we should have all known that already.

I wonder what Congress and Senator "Bawston" Mitchell would say if they realized that the majority of baseball fans could care less about all this. The only people that actually give a shit are the cranky old baseball scribes that yearn for the days when baseball was perfect - and only had alcohol abuse, cocaine, rascism, gambling and homophobia as problems to worry about.

Here's an idea: institute an effective testing policy and let's move the fuck on. Stop wasting my tax dollars on nonsense that can't change what's already been done. Stop showing me trials with no verdict but lots of mud. In the words of North Carolina Congressman Patrick McHenry (R), "We're facing huge challenges in housing, government spending, taxes and illegal immigration. Congress would be better served to focus on any of those issues instead of inserting itself into a name-calling, finger-pointing, school-yard brawl."

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

Gee, I can't wait until the Justice Department gets involved and this BS starts all over again. Yeah, that will sure help keep baseball clean.


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