Saturday, September 09, 2006

Insanity Update

We're now three days in to the "Path to 9/11" saga, and here's what we defintely know:

1. ABC, in their attenpt to make an even-keeled doco-drama on the events that led us to the tragedies on 9/11, used multiple sourcing (NOT just the flawed 9/11 Commission Report) as their guide. They then made the grevious error of pre-screening the thing.

2. Once the Democrats and Clinton saw that it wasn't going to be the typical Hollywood lovefest / whitewash of Clinton's culpability in what happened on 9/11, they blew a gasket.

3. In one of the most horrific examples of using power as a bully pulpit and censorship tool, the Dems further embrace the warm fuzzy glow of fascism by releasing a letter to ABC that coyly THREATENS THEIR BROADCAST LICENSE if they run the film as-is.

Since yesterday, a few things have happened: some left-wing web sites and organizations are trying to get a protest outside ABC together (wonderful); ABC claims it's still "editing" (when in fact, the final cut was completed weeks ago); Surprisingly, some of the actors in the film are speaking out AGAINST the censorship (good luck finding another job), and some 9/11 Commission members are supporting the film (not surpriising).

What has now become violently apparent, is what I have said for many years: The Democratic Left in this country talk a great game about free speech - UNTIL you say something they don't like. Then they have no problem censoring, bullying and threatening a victim into submission. Don't be fooled - this is nothing more that The Guilty not wanting people to see the fruits of their ineptitude, plain and simple.

Someone sent me a link to an entry on Power Line that spells out VERY clearly ALL of the Islamofascist attacks that took place while Clinton was president. It's WAY more than you think. It's a good learning tool for exactly how brazen these savages were while Clinton sat in the Oval Office, planning his next conquest. So I don't want to hear any more bullshit from the Dems about Clinton's "dilligence" against terrorism. He couldn't have cared less if he tried.

Clinton's been pretty lucky in getting a free pass or successfully blaming his messes on others since leaving office. As soon as he gets the FIRST example of Hollywood not playing nice-nice, he circles the wagons and calls out the Schumerman Pinscher attack dogs to squash the misbehaving child IMMEDIATELY to make sure it never happens again.

This is shameful behavior of the highest order, but since the 2000 Elections, I have learned that the Democratic Left has NO shame. I'm not surprised - just amazed.

PS - it was pointed out to me that several of the former Clinton administraions complaintants - and loud 9/11 Commission complaintant Richard Ben-Veniste - happily accepted invitiations to - and attended - the premiere of Fat Boy's polemic "FatAss 9/11". Surprising? No. Like I said - NO shame.

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