Thursday, August 10, 2006

Breaking News

For those of you just waking up this morning, serious news coming out of London...Scotland Yard has foiled a major terrorist plot to blow up 'as many as ten' planes in mid-flight which would have caused massive death and destruction. Thank goodness for our English friends and the heroes at MI-5.

This is just another terrible reminder of how far Islamofascist terrorists will go to in their attempts to steer western civilization back to the stone age (where they feel most comfortable). Make no mistake. We are fighting an evil that may surpass Nazism in sheer barbarism before all is said and done, if it hasn't already.

Check out the latest at the BBC's web site here:

'Airlines terror plot foiled'

Kind of ironic that this story breaks so soon after Joe Lieberman gets 'purged' by anti-war Moonbats in Connecticut, isn't it?

Look...George W may drive me crazy with the way he spends like a drunken sailor, and his inability to fully grasp the seriousness of the illegal immigration problem, but one place where he's 100% correct is in the War on Terror. When I try to explain to my goofy Lefty friends the importance of a pre-emptive strike in Iraq and establishing a presence in the Middle East, they just don't get it. To them, he's just "Bush", object of ridicule...either a moron or evil genius, depending on what day it is.

If thousands dead throughout the world isn't enough to make some people see the forest for the trees, I fear they never will. But hey, maybe the Dixie Chicks can write some more cute songs about their unrepentant Bush hatred! Wouldn't THAT be special???

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