Thursday, July 22, 2004

It Sure Gets Late Early Around Here

Hello peoples. It's been well over a two weeks since my last entry, but as you remember from my LAST entry (July 1) it's been a tad stressful around here.

Fourth of July came and went rather uneventfully, mostly because the Mom-in-Law parental unit finally tied the knot with Stepdad-in-law parental unit (YAY!) the Friday before, so everything after that was anti-climactic. There really wasn't anything exciting going on, and by the time we got invited to something on the 4th (proper), we'd already made plans to do nothing (and you can't mess with THAT karma).

I'd been hoping to catch some movies and complain about them since the last update, but none of the plans ever materialized. To be perfectly honest, I'm quite happy not doing anything these days, and to be further perfectly honest, I have nothing in the hopper right now, either. Previously-planned trips to VA and Cooperstown didn't happen, which is just as well since when it comes to money, I am currently minus a receptacle to urinate in.

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