Monday, July 07, 2003

So, What's The Deal?

To be honest, I have no idea. Right now, it's just a way for me to touch base with friends 'n family. Eventually, I would like to turn it into a full-blown web tour-de-force, with pages dedicated to news, music, radio, sports and politics. I'd also like to devote a page to Hobbes, king of the house (as he is too cool not to have his own web space).

I know, that is quite a goal, but not totally unthinkable. It's all about web space, and money, get the idea. So right now, it's just a place for y'all to catch up on the latest in Pete-land. But don't be surprised if one day it blossoms into a living, breathing thing all its' own, teeming with vegetation and life (like the Genesis planet).

What's your opinion? We'd like to know. You're probably here because I trust you enough to give you the address. So why not e-mail me with what you think the wonderful world of Petezs Productions should one day morph into. Also, let me know if it's cool to link your sites on mine. I like to ask first.

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