Saturday, October 23, 2010

That's That

Well, the Yankees are done. They were outplayed in every way by the Rangers, which is not surprising when you consider they have looked like they were out of gas since August. They actually got a LOT farther than I thought they would. When a tired team meets a white-hot team, this is what happens.

While I may be disappointed in the outcome, I do think that the concept of Lee matched up against Lincecum or Halliday in Game One is tasty to think about. Should be a good 'un either way.

Lots of changes to come in the off-season...what will happen with Jeter, Andy, the OF, the relief pitching...the Hot Stove ought to be a lot hotter than usual. Until then, time to concentrate on the Isles and (shudder) Election Day.

See ya next year!

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